Trademark Renewal

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Trademark Renewal

What is a Trademark Renewal?

It’s a common scenario for all the trademark owners that they forget to renew their registered trademark. And it is natural because it becomes due after a long period of time. Every registered trademark is valid for 10 years from the date of application and not from the date of registration. Hence, it has to be renewed at the end of every 10 years. The renewal option starts from the 6 months before the date of expiration and extended up to 6 months after the date of expiration.The Ministry sends the notice to renew it within the said period.If the trademark is not renewed within the extended period then the Ministry shall remove the Trademark. The Trademark Renewal fee is structured as under:

Time LimitFees
Application filed within 6 months before the expiration of TrademarkNormal fees
Application filed within 6 months after the expiration of TrademarkNormal fees + Late filing fees
Application filed after 6 months but within 12 months after the expiration of TrademarkNormal fees + Restoration fees

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Benefits of Trademark Renewal

Continuous benefit of Registration

Continuous benefit of Registration

The registered trademark owner can enjoy the benefits of register trademark continuously without any hindrances. One can enjoy the goodwill of the brand by the renewal of the trademark.

Safeguarding Brand

Safeguarding Brand

No one can use the same brand or logo up to the validity of the trademark. But if the trademark is not renewed then anyone can use such a brand name and the registered user will lose the brand name.

Lesser procedural time

Lesser procedural time

It is easy to renew the trademark rather than applying it again. If the trademark is not renewed within the provided time limit then the whole application process is to be followed again. So the duration of registration increases.

Lesser cost

Lesser cost

If the trademark is renewed after the expiration of the registration then the Ministry will charge late filing fees. And if it is expired then one has to apply for the restoration of the trademark. The fee for restoration is very high.

Required Documents for Trademark Renewal

Documents required for Trademark Renewal

  • Identity proof of the applicant
  • Trademark registration certificate

Process of Trademark Renewal

  • Collection of required documents
  • Change of Attorney (if applicable)
  • Drafting of application
  • Filing TM renewal application with Ministry

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Trademark Renewal


The trademark registration is valid for 10 years from the date of application. And it is due for renewal from 6 months before the date of expiration.

The Ministry charges a fee of Rs.9000/- for renewal of trademark if it is filed before the expiration of trademark.

The trademark renewal process in India is an online process. An application for renewal of trademark must be filed with the Ministry by paying the necessary fees.

The application for renewal is filed in 2-3 days and it gets renewed in one or two months subject to government processing time.

No, at the time of renewal, it directly gets renewed without publishing in the trademark journal.

After trademark renewal it is again valid for 10 years. The applicant has to renew it again at the expiry of the next 10 years.

If you will not file the renewal application, the Ministry sends the notice for renewal and if it is not renewed within the said time limit and it will get abandoned.

Yes, up to 6 months after expiration one can renew the trademark by paying normal as well as late fees. Even after that one can apply for restoration of the trademark.

No, the Ministry does not issue the renewal certificate, but one can check online under trademark status.

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