Private Limited Company Registration

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Private Limited Company Registration

What is a Private Limited Company?

A Private Limited Company is an organization that is privately owned by a small group of persons. Hence it is also known as a privately held company. The Companies Act, 2013 regulates the Private Limited Company and governed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Private Limited Company registration in Ahmedabad

and Mumbai is the most popular and viable option for startups nowadays. Management and investors are highly attracted to the structure of Private Limited Company and hence for third party investments, it is the best option.


Online Private Limited Company registration

in India requires a minimum of two persons and a maximum of 200 persons can be the shareholders. To

register a company in India

, there must be a minimum of two individuals who will be the directors.

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  • 2 DIN (Director Identification Number)
  • 2 DSC of Class 3 (Digital Signature) valid for 2 years
  • Drafting of MOA, AOA and other incorporation documents
  • Name Approval via Spice+
  • Incorporation of Company via Spice+
  • Stamp duty inclusive up to Authorized capital of Rs.1 Lakh (*Additional Stamp duty in case of Punjab, Kerala and MP)
  • Incorporation Form Fee
  • PAN & TAN
  • EPFO
  • ESIC
  • Professional Tax (Maharashtra & Karnataka only)
  • Bank Account
  • Draft of Bank Account Opening Resolution
  • 2 E-Copy (Soft Copy) of Share Certificate
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Benefits of Private Limited Company Registration

Separate Legal Existence

Separate Legal Existence

The Company is considered as artificial person created by law, thus the existence of Private Limited Company is distinct from its members, it enjoys its own identity, and thus it can sue or being sued in its own name and it can also possess the assets in its name.

Limited Liability

Limited Liability

The characteristic of Limited Liability is like cherry on the cake , the shareholders enjoy the privilege of having liability limited only up to the amount of shares subscribed, hence unlike Partnership Firm ,investors are attracted to this kind of form of business.

No Minimum Capital Requirement

No Minimum Capital Requirement

There is a misbelief that one requires huge investments to start a Private Limited Company, though in reality there is no minimum capital requirement, one can start a Private Limited Company even with minimal amount.

Startup Benefits

Startup Benefits

Private Company is one of the most organized and trusted form of business, it is recognized on all the platforms of governments, such as Startup India Registration, for availing the benefits one must be having the registered entity where Private Limited Company is available as one of the option.

Further for registration under MSME, Private Limited Company is eligible.

Perpetual Existence

Perpetual Existence

The existence of Private Limited Company is not dependent on any factor, hence members and directors of the company may change but it will not affect the status of the Company.

Required Documents for Private Limited Company Registration

The documents required for Online Private Limited Company Registration are categorized as under

For Directors and SubscribersFor Registered office
Permanent Account Number (PAN)Business address proof(Electricity bill/Telephone bill/Gas bill/Mobile bill- not older than 2 months)
Photo Identity proof (Adhar card/Driving License/Election card/Passport)No objection certificate from the owner
Residential address proof (Bank statement/Electricity bill/Telephone bill/Gas bill/Mobile bill- not older than 2 months)Rent agreement (if rented)
Passport size photograph

Procedure of online private limited company registration

  • Obtaining Digital Signature (DSC)
  • Checking the Name availability
  • Drafting of company registration documents
  • Filing of incorporation forms with MCA

Immediate Post Incorporation Compliance

  • Conducting first board meeting within 30 days of incorporation for the appointment of Auditor
  • Opening of bank account
  • Deposit the amount of subscribed share capital in current account of the company
  • Filing form for the commencement of business

Difference Between Private Limited Company And LLP

Private Limited CompanyLimited Liability Partnership
Act ApplicableCompanies Act,2013LLP Act,2008
Division of ownership & ManagementDirector is the one who is involved in the day to day management; they are not having any ownership rights.
A Shareholder is the one who owns the shares of the Company hence he is having ownership rights.
In LLP, Designated Partners are involved in Management and have ownership rights too.
Statutory ComplianceThe Compliances are more as compared to LLPThe compliances are less.
Compliance CostAs the compliances are more, the cost is also higher.The compliance cost is moderate.
Audit requirementMandatoryRequired only if falls under criteria:
contribution more than Rs. 25 lakhs or turnover exceeds Rs. 40 Lakhs
Tax ratesLower Tax ratesHigh Tax rates
Maximum number of Members200No upper limit

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There is no minimum capital required to start the Private Limited Company, as one of the major initiatives of Government of India for ease of doing business, the minimum capital requirement is done away with be it Authorized capital or subscribed Capital. However, every shareholder should hold at least one share each.

Subscribed capital is the amount of shares subscribed and authorized capital means the maximum amount of capital that the company is eligible to issue to its shareholders.

Private Limited Company can be incorporated easily with the help of Wisefilings, toincorporate a Private Limited Companythere is a requirement of aminimum of 2 persons as directors and 2 shareholders and a registered office address in India.

As the complete is process is online which is done through the MCA portal, there is no requirement to have the presence physically.

A Major, i.e. the person aged above 18 years is eligible to become the Director of the company.

As there are no restrictions defined anywhere for the place of business, the Company can be started even at a residential address.

In the case of New Incorporation, the Application will be done in the integrated Form available for Incorporation of Company as there is no separate Application available for the same.

However, the fresh Application for DIN can be made for the maximum of 3 persons.

The full form of DIN is Director Identification Number, which is mandatory to become a Director of any Company or LLP.

Yes, DIN is the number associated with Individual PAN numberand not with the company hence one DIN is valid for a lifetime and it can be used for all the companies or LLP in which one wants to become a Director or Partner.

Yes, as the whole process is done through the MCA portal, the complete process is online and thus no physical presence is required.

Yes, a Foreign national is eligible to become a director of the company as there are no restrictions for the same; however, there is a requirement to have at least one Director on Board who is aresident of India.

DSC is Digital Signature certificate,which is used to sign the Forms digitally.

Generally, it takes 8-10 working days to incorporate a Private Limited Company; however, it is always subject to MCA Approval.

Once the Company is incorporated, you will get a soft copy of COI-Certificate of Incorporation, PAN and TAN which will be received on the Email id given at the time of Incorporation.

As part of Annual Compliance, every year the Company needs to file the Forms which includes

  • Filing of forms AOC-4, MGT-7, and ADT-1.
  • AOC-4-is the Form for filing financial statement
  • MGT-7 is the Form for filing an annual return.
  • ADT-1 is for the appointment of Auditor

Audit is a pre-requisite once the Company is formed; irrespective of any other factor the Company has to get its accounts audited every year.

Private Limited Company is a legal entity in India governed by companies Act, 2013. To help with the Pvt. ltd company registration online, contact Wisefilings.

WiseFilings will help as well as assist you for Pvt Ltd company registration online for Ahmedabad and any other city with ease.

WiseFilings can help you to register Pvt Ltd Company in Mumbai.

Two or more people are eligible to form a Pvt. Ltd company and to get loans to grow the business having a Pvt. Ltd company will help. There should be a minimum of two directors who can also become the shareholders.

Yes, you can use the residential property address as your Pvt. Ltd Company address for registration.

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