Change in LLP Object

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Change in LLP Object

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The LLP is allowed to carry on such business activity which is laid down in the LLP agreement and approved by MCA. If the partners want to widen their business or change the main object of LLP then it will requireprior approval from the MCA.

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  • Change in LLP Agreement
  • Filing of necessary forms
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Required Documents for Change in LLP Object

  1. LLP’s certificate of incorporation
  2. LLP agreement

How to change main object of LLP?

  • Collection of information
  • Drafting of supplementary LLP agreement & other documents
  • Filing form with MCA
  • Approval from MCA

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Change in LLP Object


Yes, it is mandatory to take approval from MCA for any changes made in LLP.

The form must be filed with MCA within 30 days of amendment.

The new activity can be started only after getting approval from MCA.

Yes, the object clause of the LLP agreement must be amended. Hence the supplementary agreement must be executed.

Yes, the minimum stamp duty has to be paid on supplementary agreement. The amount of stamp duty varies from state to state.

The change in name due to change in the object depends on the type of business activity. If the object is completely changed and the existing name defines that business that is not carried on by the LLP anymore then it shall be changed.

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