Cancellation & Refund Policy

We at Wisefilings, thank you for allowing us to serve you with one or more listed Services on the portal, further your satisfaction is our utmost priority. We thrive to serve our clients in every possible manner.

However in any case, if you want to cancel the order and willing to get a refund, then it will be subject to our Cancellation and Refund Policy.

Please read the Policy carefully to know your rights as a privileged client about the right to cancel the service due to an uncertain situation.

The Cancellation and Refund Policy is subject to the following conditions.

  1. No cancellation and refund shall be allowed if in case the delay /nonperformance of service is because of any Government office or change in Law/Statue, non-working of Government website, a delay from client to provide the proper documents, or any information.
  2. No cancellation and Refund shall be allowed when the service is ordered and later on because of a change in mind or due to any personal reason the client request for cancellation of service, in those situations, the amount paid to Wisefilings will be kept as a credit in clients account which can be utilized for any service in future and can also be passed for any services taken by friends or relatives.
  3. Wisefilings do not control any outcome/results of any government process, as they are out of control such as delay in processing Trademark Application by government, Receiving Examination report, Hearing, or Rejection of Trademark or any other such government processing. Thus this kind of circumstance does not qualify for a refund of services.
  4. Wisefilings in any case which is eligible for a refund can only refund the amount which is paid as Professional fees after deducting the due amount for the portion of work which is already done.
    Any other fees paid to Government in any form or paid to a third party involved in the process can’t be refunded in any case.
    Before processing any refund, Wisefilings has a right to deduct cancellaction charges of 10% of total professional fees.
  5. If in any case the service taken at first is changed by any other service because of change of mind or change of requirement or circumstances, the amount already paid to Wisefilings will be adjusted towards amount need to be paid, further in such situation if any excess amount remains even after adjustment, the amount will be kept as a credit in a client account and shall not be eligible for a refund.
  6. The Refund amount in case if approved, it will be processed from our end in 30 days (Excluding Bank Holidays).
  7. No claim for cancellation or refund can be made once the service is already rendered as a whole.
  8. The request for the refund, in any case, have to be communicated through mail only at

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