LLP Registration in Mumbai

Kind of Partnership Firm with Limited Liabilities

LLP Registration in Mumbai


A limited liability partnership is an extended version of a partnership firm that possesses more benefits as compared to a partnership firm. The limited liability partnership firm registration is done under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The structure of an LLP is similar to the partnership firm where partners enjoy rights as per the agreement. The rights and duties of partners are mentioned in the LLP agreement.

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Key Features of LLP Registration in Mumbai

  • A minimum of two partners are required for LLP registration in Mumbai.
  • There is no upper limit for the number of partners in an LLP.
  • An LLP is considered as a separate legal entity from its partners.
  • The liabilities of partners are limited up to the amount contributed as capital.
  • LLP agreement defines the duties and responsibilities of the partners.
  • LLP has a flexible structure.
  • It is taxed the same as a partnership firm.
  • It has to comply with the laws mention under Limited Liability Partnership Act and rules made under.

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Plans of LLP Registration in Mumbai

LLP Registration Fees in Mumbai

The LLP registration cost in Mumbai depends on the capital contribution of the partners. The stamp duty charges change due to a change in capital contribution. For

LLP company registration in Mumbai

, 1% of the capital amount of stamp duty is levied on the LLP agreement subject to minimum stamp duty of Rs. 500/-.

7500 All Inclusive


  • 2 DIN (Director Identification Number)
  • 2 DSC (Digital Signature)
  • LLP Incorporation
  • LLP Agreement (Stamp duty up to Rs. 500/-)
  • PAN & TAN
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Benefits of LLP Registration in Mumbai

  • An LLP is a separate legal entity.
  • The partners of an LLP have limited liabilities
  • There is no minimum capital requirement.
  • No mandatory requirement of an audit up to a prescribed limit.
  • It possesses flexibility.
  • Ease of transfer of ownership and change in partners.
  • An easy formation process of an LLP.
  • Tax advantage- no dividend distribution tax.

Required Documents for LLP Registration in Mumbai

The documents required for LLP registration in Mumbai are categorized as under

For Designated Partners/PartnersFor Registered office
Permanent Account Number (PAN)Business address proof(Electricity bill/Telephone bill/Gas bill/Mobile bill- not older than 2 months)
Photo Identity proof (Adhar card/Driving License/Election card/Passport)No objection certificate from the owner
Residential address proof (Bank statement/Electricity bill/Telephone bill/Gas bill/Mobile bill- not older than 2 months)Rent agreement (if rented)
Passport size photograph

Process for LLP Registration in Mumbai

The process of

online LLP registration

in Mumbai is very simple and smooth.

  • Obtaining Digital Signature (DSC)
  • Checking the Name availability
  • Drafting of registration documents
  • Filing of incorporation form with MCA
  • Applying for PAN & TAN
  • Drafting of LLP Agreement and filing it with MCA

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LLP Registration in Mumbai


One can register an LLP with any amount of capital. There is no minimum capital requirement.

For LLP registration, a minimum of 2 Partners are required and there is no upper limit for the maximum number of Partners.

Every person who want to become a Designated Partner in an LLP must have DIN.

An LLP company registration takes 12-15 working days, and it may differ on the basis of the state.

LLP is required to get its account audited only if falls under the criteria:

  • contribution more than Rs. 25 lakhs or
  • turnover exceeds Rs. 40 Lakhs

The LLP Agreement is an agreement mutually entered by the partners of the LLP in which rights, duties, obligations, profit sharing ratio and other matters are defined in to regulate the LLP.

As a part of Annual Compliance of an LLP you have to file two forms: Form 8 and Form 11.

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